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Creating Value Through the Largest Tenants Network & Proprietary Data.

For all tenant enquiries, SAVVI utilises data & AI to create & match proprietary off-market opportunities, collaborating with landlords, operators & best in class agents to execute transactions.



Whether you are looking for the ideal office to rent, assisting your company to surrender an office lease or seeking relocation options, SAVVI can help.

Find fully fitted offices for your company

“Finding good value real estate solutions in one of the worlds’s highest priced city, Hong Kong, was not easy. I was introduced to many bareshell options that required a costly fit out, which did not make sense for our targeted 2 year lease. Through the tenant’s network, Savvi connected me to a private equity firm seeking to cost save on reinstatement works, four months ahead of their lease expiry. The layout was ideal and we subsequently signed the space before it came to market."

— Global Family Office

Monetise fit out/ reinstatement with upcoming lease expiry

“Our firm made plans to cost save and relocate from our 5,000 sq ft Central office. We were aware early on that we would be obliged to make good and return to bareshell our office upon lease expiry when we signed the original lease. Whilst we did not intend to renew the lease, we needed first to assess costs for a viable move. As advised by Savvi, fit out and reinstatement costs could make or break our plans. Prior to involving the landlord on our intentions, we worked with Savvi early on and privately to source potential replacement tenants and also source off market fitted opportunities."

— US Asset Manager

Surrender office lease obligations

“We needed to relocate and Savvi connected us to potential replacement tenants. We saved 5 months rent, the incoming tenant in turn found an excellent office space with minimal cost on fit out, a win win.”

— Asia Private Equity Firm


Seeking prospective tenants that match with your upcoming opportunities. You control how discreetly you would like to market these opportunities.

Find prospective & replacement tenants

“... a sizeable occupier went under, there was the option to go through a costly and time consuming procedure to reclaim rental liabilities...Savvi platform was discreet and instrumental in generating interest and finalising this off market stock.”

— Central Prime Grade A Office Landlord

Reducing Rental Void Period

“... Savvi provides us the ability to connect relationships across their tenants network with property marketing strategies that help us understand tenant needs better and in staying ahead of renewals”

— Central Prime Grade A Office Landlord

Market serviced office & co-working solutions

“We launched a couple of new centres in Hong Kong and part of our strategy was to introduce our solutions to corporates who were “Savvy” enough, sorry : ), to consider co-working for swing space. Savvi supported us on this endeavour through their Tenant’s Network.”

— Co-Working Operator


When assisting clients on disposal or sub-let assignments, SAVVI is the ideal partner to find the right tenant. 

Market surrender, short-term sub-let and off-market opportunities

“Locating a occupier requiring a temporary 2,000 sq ft space in a prime grade a office requires a bit of word of mouth. The tenant’s network platform is unique in the sense that it is a community that encourages sharing amongst tenants.”

— Agent

Market fitted opportunity on behalf of client

“Build out cost has almost doubled over the past 6 years in Hong Kong. With lease terms lasting typically for 2-3 years, reinstatement obligations are often costly and a big waste. A number of clients were introduced by Savvi after we listed details of our client’s office. We managed to finalise the transaction with two happy clients.”

— Agent















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